A Glam Slam Talks To Bronx Bombers Costume Designer David C. Woolard

"Generations of Yankee greats including Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Derek Jeter, are among the featured players. David C. Woolard, the show’s costume designer, aimed to make these Yankee personalities as identifiable as possible to show-goers and baseball fans. Fashion played an integral role in creating authentic and truthful characters, as no detail was left unturned, from personal style choices to different eras of pinstripes.

A Glam Slam saw a preview performance of “Bronx Bombers,” and spoke with Woolard about the process of designing the costumes, and the challenges and pressures of satisfying passionate Yankees fans.” - Heather Zeller, A Glam Slam

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The Cast of Bronx Bombers Welcomes Jorge Posada and John Flaherty


Photographed Above:  Jorge Posada and Laura Posada backstage in the wings after the show with Producer Fran Kirmser and the cast of Bronx Bombers

Photographed Above: Cast members of Bronx Bombers pose for a photo with John Flaherty.

The cast of Bronx Bombers were thrilled to welcome John Flaherty and Jorge Posada from the Yankees family to see the show on Saturday, February 1!  Read what they had to say about the play:

"I just saw on Broadway and it was fantastic! Great job at connecting the generations of Yankee legends!!” -John Flaherty

"The cast of really nailed the personalities of the Yankee legends! I felt like I was in the same room as the Babe and Micky!”- John Flaherty


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